Teams dedicated to your visions

Through our local presence with development and innovation offices in Macedonia and Sweden, we offer a completely transparent, qualitative and online-based work / production process where we meet today's high demand for qualified competence.


Quality instead of quantity

We are working with people, relationships and trust can take a bit of time to build. We have long experience of establishing teams for clients and we know that it is a process that requires careful planning with a clear strategy. We recommend starting in a smaller scale to expand the team gradually.
We offer both complete team solutions and complementary resources. Read more about each of the areas below.

Complete Team


Establish a complete team of architects, developers, graphic designers and much more in your preferred size. The team is led by our project managers and works according to a well-defined process dedicated to you, on a full-time and monthly basis, just like your other employees.
If you have an idea or vision but not the knowledge or time to think about how to make it a reality, which is completely understandable, this is a perfect approach for you and your company. To optimize the conditions for cooperation, we have established a number of services around your team, read more about them below.

Collaborate daily with your team through a shared team space.
Have daily or weekly face 2 face meetings with your project manager or the team through Adobe Connect.
Follow progress
Follow progress in real time by getting full access to the daily work processes.
Get Reports
Get weekly reports from your project manager.
Human Resources
We care about our people, that is why your team and yourself will have an assigned human resource manager during our whole collaboration.
Visit your team at any given time at one of our development offices for workshops and team buildings.
Working conditions and holidays
Your team works from 08:00-16:00 or 09:00-17:00 CET time, with a 30 min lunch break.

Overtime should be planned together with the project manager.

Scale the Team
Scale your team up or down in an easy and flexible way. The team can start from as small as one person and up.

Extra Resources


Do you have a hard time finding and recruiting local skills within a reasonable time and budget?
Expand your already established development team in an easy and cost-effective way by recruiting top competence from our development and innovation offices.
The person will be located in one of our offices and will work daily with your internal development team, adapting to all your internal work processes, cultures and values.
Stop wasting money on recruitment processes and start focusing on developing new and innovative solutions.




a) A team leader is assigned.


b) Analyzing what competence is needed in the team.


c) Recruiters and HR are assigned.




a) The teams are put together from internal and new competence.


b) All infrastructure needed for the collaboration is set.


c) The team and client meet for the first time.



a) The team starts to work.


b) Regular meetings are held.


c) Weekly reports are provided.


d) Quarterly HR meetings are held between HR and the client.


e) Monthly attendance reports are provided.